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King's Sandwiches & Hawaiian Slaw

Today's Helpful Tips

Welcome to Day 2 of your Hawaiian Luau.  If you thought the meal on Monday was easy, guess what?  Today's meal is even easier because half of it is already cooked.  So today you will be eating leftover Kalua Pork on King's Hawaiian Rolls.  Anything you don't use today, you can freeze for use later on (like on a weekend when I don't give you a meal plan to follow).  If you made around a 4lb roast, you should still have quite a bit of meat left to freeze.  Unless you were sneaking around at 3 am in the fridge, like some people I dare not mention.  Anyways, the Hawaiian slaw is a bit bitter because of the lime juice.  So make sure you add the honey.  You may even want to increase the honey a little bit if you are super used to sweet things.  Taste test it before you add it to the vegetables.  But seriously, isn't this coleslaw so pretty?  Enjoy your last day at the luau!