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South West Cream Cheese Chicken Wraps

Today's Helpful Tips

In your travels today you are going to the American South West! You know where it is sunny and all sorts of Western movies were about. Actually - side bar for a minute- THE ONLY Western movie I have ever watched is Cowboys & Aliens. So I guess you could say I have ZERO idea what I am talking about, lol. So even if I don't watch those movies I completely enjoy replicating the food from the American South West. This meal has traditional South West flavors like jalapenos. It isn't hot but it does have a little kick to it. The cream cheese really mellows the spiciness, though. This meal is super quick and super easy. If you use the spinach wrap I suggest, guess what you are getting even more veggies. Can you tell I am trying to help you love veggies and get that count up?