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Navajo Tacos

Today's Helpful Tips

If you already have some Mama Bears Hamburger precooked and frozen this meal comes together in hardly anytime at all. I LOVE NAVAJO tacos.  I actually grew up in Montana and we would eat Fry Bread every Friday.  The Native Americans would come to my school and sell the Fry Bread for $.25 a bread.  It was so yummy and something that I always looked forward to.  As I have gotten older I have not been able to eat scones, fry bread and doughnuts because the grease just doesn't sit well with my stomach.  So when I found out that I could actually make Fry Bread that wasn't full of grease I was so happy!  In all honesty, greasy fry bread is a little better tasting, but this fry bread is close to authentic and not soaked in harmful oil.  Plus it comes together so quick and you won't have the hassle of the grease, when you use your air fryer.  I hope you enjoy this!