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Crockpot Chicken, Potatoes, Stuffing & Gravy

Today's Helpful Tips

I missed Thanksgiving this last year because I had Covid.  It was so sad and I crave Thanksgiving all year because I love it that much!  This meal is like a mini-Thanksgiving.  Mini in the sense that this is an easy meal.  It consists of 5 minutes of chopping vegetables and 2 minutes of putting everything in the crockpot in the morning.  And then right before you want to eat- you need to make gravy.  Much easier than the mess of Thanksgiving right?  My only tip is that I am not a fan of mushy stuffing and so I broil my stuffing to harden it back up, but some people - like the rest of my family like the mushy stuffing.  Oh and the green beans in this meal- they are sooooooooooo good!  Not to mention that the frozen potato dices turn to this yummy almost mashed potato layer.  Yum!