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Cobb Salad

Today's Helpful Tips

Listen I know Maycember, is crazy busy. Kid's have end of year school programs, sporting banquets, big projects due and graduations. It seems like work always wants to throw a bunch of extra things at you too. My goal is to help you not have to overly think about what you are eating for dinner. And this week especially, I have tried to put the meal plan together so that your cooking time is shorter than it takes for you to blow dry your hair. I get it- I am a mom. Some people have told me that their kids don't eat vegetables- let them help you put their salad together tonight. It might help them to realize that they may actually like vegetables. And what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn't like Ranch drizzled all over it. Your only "cooking" tonight is the hard boiled eggs and you can actually purchase those too, if you are overwhelmed.  Use your extra time tonight to dream about less busy days!