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Sweet & Savory Sliders with Tomato Salad & Apples

Today's Helpful Tips

Who doesn't LOVE a great cheeseburger?  These sliders are better than a cheeseburger.  My family really, really, really loves these.  The Sweet and Savory comes from the sides.  So you are going to make a cucumber, tomato & onion salad- the flavors combine and taste so good.  And then you add the sweet apples, as the second side.  The flavors of each bite come together as Sweet & Savory.  I am not one usually for iceberg lettuce- but on these sliders they add just the perfect amount of crunch- you have to have iceberg lettuce.  In the video I had a bit of a hard time cutting through the rolls.  So put your tomatoes on top of the hamburger and then they won't slide around.  You are in for a treat tonight!