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Welcome! How I Became Mama Bear.

What You Should Expect From Me...

Pleases reply back on the email and let me know the following things about you.

1. What is your name, how many cubs (kids) do you have, and where you are from?

2. Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you are looking forward to in this program.

Thank You and Welcome to

Mama Bears Prep Meal Planning!

I am so excited that you have taken this first step to becoming a Prepared Mama

What happens next? Answer: Starting tomorrow you will receive the Prepare Your Kitchen 3 Step series from me. The videos will walk you through organizing your kitchen the right way so you can begin preparing your meals easily.

When should I expect the weekly meal plan and grocery list from you? Answer: Starting on Thursday evenings, after you have completed all 3 steps of the Prepare Your Kitchen series, you will receive your weekly meal plan and shopping list for the upcoming week. 

What day should I be doing food prep? Answer: Saturday or Sunday. You will receive your weekend prep instructions in a video and written format that will be emailed out on Saturday and Sunday.  

When do I receive my recipes for the week? Answer: This system is set up for you to cook Monday-Friday.  You will receive the recipe the evening before you cook the meal, and a couple of reminders will be sent out the day that you are cooking the recipe.  Recipe Emails & Videos are sent out Sunday through Friday.

What do I need to know to be ready to start preparing Mama Bears meal plans? Answer: You need to have a clean and organized kitchen. Don't worry I will walk you through getting organized with an easy to follow 3 step system that will not overwhelm you.

P.S. Don’t forget to reply back to this email and tell me a little bit about yourself, how many cubs you have and what you are looking forward to.

P.P.S. Again thank you so much for your support- I am so excited to see this group grow and to see us all succeed together. 

Welcome to Mama Bears Prep Meal Planning!!!

Until tomorrow,

Mama Bear Kristy