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Orange Cranberry Chicken & Rice

Today's Helpful Tips

This is an easy instant pot meal. You will be having two instant pot meals this week, because well it is starting to get hot. This starts out by you cooking the rice in your instant pot. While the rice is cooking you can cut up your broccoli and trim more of your chicken if desired. As you have seen by now, I butcher my chicken. I have one picky kid that won't touch meat if it has fat on it- so another skill that I have taught myself is being a butcher. You are using chicken thighs. If you accidently realize that you bought bone-in - just increase the time to cook by 1 minute. After the rice is done cooking, immediately fluff it and remove 4 cups cooked rice for the meal on Wednesday. Follow the directions to make the chicken. One tip is just make sure you are only using half of the can of cranberries when the chicken is cooking. When it cooks in the instant pot there will be zero proof that you actually put in whole berries or oranges. They melt or something. When the instant pot finishes cooking the chicken, you would then put the remaining cranberries in. This meal is yummy. Only other tip that is super important is do not throw away the liquid from the can of mandarin oranges. You will use that to make 2/3 cup chicken broth. Enjoy this meal it really isn't much effort and it is so good. A note, this really is only 4 servings, if you want leftovers cook a little more rice and add more chicken thighs. You won't need to increase liquid.