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Kitchen Essentials

Preparing Your Kitchen - Lesson 3

Welcome to My Kitchen Essentials Lesson # 3 of getting your kitchen prepped and becoming the Prepared Mama!

Hello, it’s Kristy from Mama Bears Prep! First, I want to welcome you our group and get you started on Key #1 of preparing your kitchen so that you can be the Prepared Mama. As you are going to find out, I am an extremely organized person and in order for me to function well, everything has to have a place and purpose. While I was creating my Mama Bears Prep system I had a deep desire to really help Moms with dinner time.

Now let me ask you a couple questions-

Is your kitchen organized, complete chaos or a little bit sloppy?

Do you enjoy being in your kitchen or do you want to get out of your kitchen as fast as possible because it is so messy? 

Do you want your kitchen to be a workspace that you will be able to enjoy and eventually love?

Listen, I am not judging here but rather I hope that I am helping you to understand that if you are going to be spending time in your kitchen you have to have it organized and have it be a place that you actually want to spend time. 

Are you ready to get started tackling your inventory list?

Be patient with yourself. If your kitchen isn’t perfect (pretty sure it never will be) just remember that Rome or any awesome thing wasn’t built in a day. Setting up your kitchen workspace is going to be a life- long quest.


Good luck getting through this assignment, you have got this! 


I’ll talk to you soon!

Mama Bear Kristy

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