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Assignment # 3

Preparing Your Kitchen - The Flow and Organization

Welcome to ASSIGNMENT # 3 of getting your kitchen prepped and becoming the Prepared Mama!

Hi, It’s Kristy from Mama Bears Prep again and you have had a busy few days...

getting your kitchen ready. TODAY is going to be your last "Get Your Kitchen Prepped" email and video before before I let you loose and start sending you recipes so you can start food prepping meals in your kitchen next week..

The FIRST ASSIGNMENT was all about an inventory of all your kitchen supplies. 

Then the SECOND ASSIGNMENT, you cleaned and organized your food cupboard or pantry, your fridge and freezer. 

How do you feel? 

Are you feeling like you are starting to get ready? 

Are you ready? 

If you have done the things I have asked, you should be pretty close to being the Prepared Mama, that you know you are

If you have procrastinated, what can I do to help you take action now? As you are noticing, I have set Mama Bears Prep up in such a way that everyday what we do depends on what we did yesterday.  If you are falling behind, you still have time to get caught up.

I urge you to take the action steps that we have already talked about so that you will be prepared to start feeding your family better meals.

ASSIGNMENT #3 - Ensuring the Kitchen is Ready for Preparing Meals:

  • 1- Review your Kitchen Inventory List :

  • PDF Kitchen Inventory Editable Kitchen Inventory
  • 2- Review your Spice, Fridge, Freezer & Pantry Inventory:

  • PDF Spice, Fridge, Freezer & Pantry
    Editable Spice, Fridge, Freezer & Pantry
  • 3- Make sure you have all the items on these lists and that they are in good usable condition.

  • 4- Replace items that are in poor condition.

  • 5- Be intentional and evaluate your kitchen work flow. Consider and ask yourself:

    A- Would moving this item make things easier?

    B- Are items placed in odd places, because you have never really thought about a good place for them?  

  • 6- Reconfigure your work space to places that seems to make more sense.

  • 7- Update your Inventory Lists to reflect the new placement in your kitchen.

  • 8- Share your success in our Facebook Group

  • Facebook Link

  • To succeed at meal prep make sure these things are in order:

  • 1-Inventory your kitchen, pantry, freezer.

  • 2-Clean your pantry or food cupboard, fridge and freezer.

  • 3-Strategize and reorganize your kitchen work flow.

  • Until Thursday,

    Mama Bear Kristy