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Assignment #2

Preparing Your Kitchen - Cleaning Your Pantry, Fridge & Freezer

Welcome to Key #2 of Getting Your Kitchen Prepped and Becoming The Prepared Mama

For those of you who have already completed the prep your kitchen series, I would encourage you to still review this assignment to ensure you are ready to start food prepping and cooking delicious recipes for your family. For everyone else that has not completed the Prep Your Kitchen Series, Today is going to be a really productive day and after you have completed everything, I am asking you to do - You are going to feel Amazing! This is something that everyone knows they should do, but no one ever really wants to do. 

I can’t really expect you to go to the store and purchase groceries for the food prep, I am going to help you with next week and then you have no place in your house to put these items. That would be a disservice of me, and I would be setting you up for failure before you even begin. 

Do you want to see what my pantry, fridge and freezer look like?  Watch the video above to find out!  

Doesn’t it sound nice to have an organized Pantry, Fridge and Freezer?

What is today's Assignment?

Assignment # 2



I have attached inventory lists for your pantry, fridge, spices and freezer. Go ahead and print or fill those out. Click on the PDF or Editable button below.

PDF Pantry, Fridge, Spice & Freezer Inventory
Editable Pantry, Fridge, Spice & Freezer Inventory



Pull everything out, wash down the shelves. Replace items that you are going to use. Discard old items or things that you are not going to ever eat. I go with motto, "When in doubt, throw it out!".



Pull everything out of your fridge, even out of the side shelves. Wipe everything down. Only place items back in your fridge that are safe to eat and that you will eat.



Pull everything out of your freezer. Discard ruined food.  Wipe everything down.  As you are putting food back in your freezer be conscious of dates and categorize your freezer into different sections of foods (ie: vegetables, meats, etc).

Happy Purging, inventorying and cleaning! You will feel so much better after you are done. I look forward to seeing the transformation in your kitchen and the progress of your journey of you becoming the Prepared Mama!

Until Tomorrow,

Mama Bear Kristy